Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Our Valentine's Day Baby

Olivia definitely keeps us on our toes. We are hoping that age three brings a little less sass. Although she can be a lot to handle she is also so funny and always has our family laughing. She is a stealthy ninja when it comes to sneaking in our bed at night and know that if she goes to Dad's side of the bed she will get more snuggles. She is loving gymnastics and is an excellent trike bike rider. She is also good at finding neighbors to do things for her what her mom will not. She is a charmer and a fit thrower. She loves dress ups and Dora the explorer. She was so excited for her birthday because of her Dora cake. She is already planning next year's cake- Diego. Even though she is exhausting at times I love all her spunk and personality. She is a special girl.