Friday, February 17, 2017

Christmas Break

We did so many fun things over Christmas break. We performed at Mike's work, went sledding on Christmas Eve and had a wonderful night at Grandma and Grandpa's, took Abby and Micheal skiing and snowboarding for the first time, went ice skating, hit the Discovery Center, and had lots of fun in the snow. 

Snow Day

After Christmas break we had a hard time getting back to school. We had 6 snow days in a row. January just dumped on us, never before have I seen so much snow in the valley. The kids were loving it although it would snow/rain/snow/rain so it wasn't the best snow to play in. We were able to get a few awesome days outside though. We even pulled the kids behind the van and they thought it was amazing as well all the neighborhood kids. 

Kate hates the snow and refuses to walk in it. She was not thrilled about our January.


Christmas was fantastic this year. I loved that it was on Sunday and we could get up and worship the birth of the Savior before opening gifts. It helped give the day a special feeling like it should. We just did stocking before church and we tired to scale down gifts this year and get more creative. I was super happy with the results and so where the kids. 

Our biggest and best gift was indoor monkey bars. Mike thought I was crazy for wanting to do this but after he started working with me he was all on board. It got a little dicy but we got them done and the kids love them. They are all getting super strong and all three older kids can do tons of pull ups now. 

Mike spoiled me like crazy with an awesome photography lens. I was not expecting it and it totally made me cry. He is always so aware of me and kind with his gifts. 

Kate was a mess after church so during gift opening she took a nap. It was all a little strange without her but she was so much happier after napping. She also got her own private gift opening later in the day. 

All the kids got some great snow gear for skiing this year. We also got them some electronic devices at DI so they could take them apart and play with all the parts inside. This was a hit by all the kids. 

Olivia had a great preschool performance. She sang wonderful and loud enough that Santa made a visit. She is really loving this year of preschool.