Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas 2014

We had great Christmas. I decided early on that I wanted to make as many gifts as possible. I wanted it to be a simple Christmas and for the kids to not have too much excess. Mike was not so excited about making things but I got him on board to make the boy's main gifts and I did the girl's.  I made new blankets for the kids and for the girl's main gifts I did a quiet book for Olivia and tepee for Abby. Both the girls have really enjoyed their gifts. Mike made stilts for Michael and a hammering cube for Davis. All gifts were a hit but I would have to say the stilts were a little too hard for our kids to use at their age. Olivia was convinced that there had to be snow for it to be Christmas and we were super lucky to get a big storm starting Christmas Eve giving us a white Christmas. Olivia also had been asking for a "baby blackie," a little black stuffed cat like Abby has, from Santa. We had ordered it in the mail pretty early and were very relieved that it came on the 23rd. It seems like even though she would tell everyone she was on the naughty list she got all that she wanted!!
It was a really fun day despite us all feeling sick. I am excited to plan and start making next years gifts. I waited to long to start these and it was a bit stressful so I need to get on it early for next year.

Christmas morning-all too excited to hold still for pictures.

Abby didn't think the tepee was for her because it was so big. She said she thought it was just a new decoration for the house. I am glad she thought it was pretty enough for that. I was super excited on how it turned out!

Davis loves to hammer things so Mike came up with this cube idea. Each side has a different material ranging some easy to hammer into and some really hard to hammer into. He has already gone through a lot of nails and some soar fingers but he loves it.