Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Olivia

I am finally returning to the world after having a baby and moving. We are mostly settled here in Washington and I am adjusting to having a new baby. I had forgotten how much work a newborn takes but we are getting it.

To start at the beginning here is a bit about her birth. I was induced on Feb. 14th. We checked in around 8 am. The doctor came in around 9:30 to insert this gel that would get me contracting. I was already dilated to a 4 so I didn't think things would take too long. The gel got me contracting really hard and I was in a lot of pain quickly. I was not able to get my epidural until 11:30 because no one was available to come. Finally I got my epidural but this time around it didn't work as well as with the other kids. I still felt a lot of pain on my right side. At 12:30 my doctor broke my water. I was still a 4 at that time which was really surprising. Things continued to get more painful and by 1:00 I was feeling the need to push. They rushed and got the doctor and set things up. I hardly pushed and she was here by 1:17pm. I know I am a wimp because I only felt about half the pain and thought it was the worst thing ever. I am not sure how women go natural and for hours on end. She was a good 7lbs. 9oz.

We love her and were so glad everything went so well! The hospital stay went really well and I had great nurses. I almost didn't want to go home because that meant moving and craziness. Thanks to my sister Tara we made it through the move and Olivia is doing great despite a nasty cold in week 2.

Here are some pictures from her birth. Thanks to my friend Hailey for being there for the birth and for taking pictures. She was a great coach and friend. I am sad I had to leave her in Colorado.

 Mike and I trying to decide on a name.

 Proud papa!

 Abby couldn't get enough of her baby sister. She was soooooo excited!

Going Home!

Before our crazy move just chillin.


Lark March 15, 2012 at 8:22 AM  

Congrats! Olivia is just precious! Sounds like you guys have had an exciting month....hopefully you are finding time to recover from a newborn and a move!

ej March 15, 2012 at 9:19 PM  

They used some sort of "gel" on me when they induced me with Aly and it remains the most painful, hard contractions and labor I've had. And my epidural didn't work so well either. It was kind of traumatic, actually. My point is, you are the woman for enduring that, especially with a crappy epidural!
And Olivia is just such a doll!!! I hope you are getting settled and getting to rest. Miss you guys!