Friday, February 3, 2017

Bryce Canyon

We waited until the end of summer for our family vacation but it was worth the wait. We started in the Salt Lake area visiting the Mayeski family and as usual our kids had a fantastic time there. My old band Silver City Pink did a couple reunion shows and this was a highlight for me. I love doing outdoor concerts and with the best bunch of girls/musicians ever it was pretty fantastic.  We hit up Park City and its alpine slide and mountain roller coaster. Later in the week we headed to Lagoon. Davis was in heaven here. He really has no fear and loved every ride. We had to drag him out of there. Last, we drove down to Bryce Canyon. Michael had done a report in 3rd grade on this National  Park so we had to visit. It was truly beautiful and we loved everything about it. We were even able to do a couple hikes this year with only caring one kid! It was a perfect way to end summer.

Here are some pictures from Bryce Canyon-