Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break 2014

For Spring Break this year we went to the Tamarack Resort with a couple other families. The mom's got brave and headed up with the kids a day early. We were quite the sight with 11 kids and 3 moms. The Dad's met up with us for the last 2 days adding lots of snow ball fights and great card games.  We rented an awesome cabin and were surprised with a ton of snow throughout the weekend. I wasn't super excited to get all the snow gear out again but the kids had a blast playing in the snow. We did crafts, soaked in the hot tub at the house and the giant one at the resort, made smores, played games, watched movies, ate awesome food,went to the Christmas House for giant pancakes and cinnamon rolls,  and found bear claws in town!  It was a great time and all the kids did so well with one another.

Olivia was so in love with Abby's friends and followed them everywhere.